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THANK YOU For Making Big Data Forum 2021 A BIG Success

Photo: © Gig Studio/United Nations Trinidad and Tobago.

" I cannot close without extending my congratulations to the United Nations for its success in hosting the second iteration of the United Nations Trinidad & Tobago Big Data Forum. In 2020, your organisation stated that Trinidad and Tobago is well-poised to be the home for a Centre of Excellence on Big Data Analytics. As you have heard, the Government is hard at work to make that statement a possibility. We recognise that 'Data is our new Oil!''

- Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Colm Imbert

Dec 1, 2021

Many thanks to our Keynotes, Panelists, and Participants for the insightful presentations and high quality discussions at BDF 2021. Over 950 individuals attended the 13 virtual sessions over the two days! Thanks for all the very positive feedback shared on the Forum, and please continue to send your feedback and comments as we move towards the smarter Trinidad and Tobago. You can now view recordings of all 13 sessions by clicking "View 2021 Sessions" in the navigational menu above. Many, many key action points to build on in 2022 and beyond; stay tuned here for all the major announcements!



View recorded sessions from 2020.

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