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Keynote Speaker — The Business Case for Big Data Regionally

Ian John

CEO PBS Technologies Group

Ian John is the CEO of PBS Technologies Group, formerly Massy Technologies InfoCom.

Following a transition period and requisite approvals, parent company Musson Group intends to combine PBS Technology Group and Productive Business Solutions to create the dominant information technology solutions provider across both the Caribbean and Central America.

The combined businesses will have over US$250 million of annual revenue, operate in 19 countries, have over 2,100 information technology professionals.

Ian considers himself a technological futurist with specific interest in attempting to systematically explore predictions and possibilities about the future and how they can emerge from the present to impact our peoples, communities, societies and ultimately our way of life. In fact, he has been doing just that for the past 25 years.

Ian has attended numerous training sessions around the globe, including receiving training in e-Government from the Government of Singapore.

He believes Automation is a critical component to boosting local and regional economic productivity, shifting labour from routine tasks to higher-skilled and higher-paying jobs, and opening up the middle class to many more people around the Caribbean.

This is where the man, the machine and data collide.

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