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Session 1

Day Two

The transformational role of Big Data Technologies and Analytics- Digitization, Digitalization and the smarter future

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Keynote and Panel Discussion

Capturing, analyzing, and making data actionable has proven essential for contemporary economies, societies, businesses, and individuals, forming the foundation for significant innovations across various sectors. These modern technologies are transforming operations and decision-making processes, enabling the prediction of future trends, promoting efficiency, and fostering economic growth. Trinidad and Tobago, like many countries, is undergoing a digital transformation that offers both benefits and challenges. The digitization of government services has made it easier for citizens to access information and complete transactions online, saving time and improving efficiency. However, the shift towards digitalization also presents challenges such as the need for increased cybersecurity measures and ensuring equitable access for all citizens, including those living in rural areas or with limited internet connectivity. 

The keynote and panel discussion scrutinizes how Big Data paradigms and analytics are catalyzing this transformation, highlighting their implications for security, privacy, and ethical concerns. The keynote will examine the experiences of Microsoft and present a comprehensive understanding of the under-explored potentials offered by their technologies in creating a digitized and analytically intelligent future Trinidad and Tobago, while examining the challenges that might pose a barrier to these advancements.

The panel discussion will further examine the pivotal role of data governance in Trinidad and Tobago's digital transformation. Effective data governance frameworks are essential to regulate the use and protection of data, ensuring privacy and security while also enabling innovative and efficient use of data for public services and policy-making. The discussion will also consider how digital transformation in Trinidad and Tobago has the potential to connect large and small companies around big data and artificial intelligence (AI), and how collaborative efforts through data and AI use can drive Trinidad and Tobago's digital and economic transformation, leading the country further into the era of the digital economy.

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