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Session 3

Day Two

The Fifth Industrial Revolution, Robotics and AI Partnerships-A Safer Society: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Citizen Safety and Security

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Panel Discussion

AI has proven to be a competent tool that can bolster our existing safety and security systems by providing predictive and real-time analysis methods that traditional systems simply can't match. With the integration of machine learning, AI can learn from past scenarios and forecast potential threats to citizens’ security and safety while recommending effective precautionary or preventative measures.

The session examines how AI streamlines safety and security operations through automation; highlights functionalities like surveillance video analysis, public behavior scrutiny, and emergency alert systems; ever-evolving algorithms that efficiently adapt to changing circumstances, like detecting new crime patterns, or identifying new threats to cybersecurity, effectively transforming security landscapes both physically and digitally.

It will highlight the potential ethical issues and challenges related to the use of AI in citizen safety and security and  the importance of careful implementation to avoid infringement of privacy and civil rights. The panel discussion will also consider how AI can be effective and trustworthy, within a framework that respects citizens’ rights and protects them from possible AI misuse. The session is premised on the optimism that with the right balance of innovation and regulation, AI can truly revolutionize the field of citizen safety and security.

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