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Session 5

Day Two

The Fifth Industrial Revolution, Robotics and AI Partnerships – The rise of AI and Robotics

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Keynote and Panel Discussion

The symbiotic partnership between Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) highlights the 5th Industrial Revolution, characterized by profound technological changes that have led to the increasing integration of AI into robotics, transforming industries and radically altering human work and life. The emergence of 'smart' machines with learning capabilities significantly shifts paradigms, inspiring a rethink of established norms, overflow of innovative possibilities and surfacing numerous ethical and societal dilemmas.

The session expands on the phenomenal advancements in AI and Robotics, highlighting their potential and versatility across varying sectors, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and education. Delving into local examples, it elucidates how AI-powered robots, from autonomous vehicles to surgical bots, are reshaping the world, elucidating the manifold benefits and challenges tied to this technological evolution. It discusses the exponential growth of productivity, heightened efficiency, and possible job displacement and skills gap onset by this intelligent automation wave.

The discussion considers the ethical, societal, and regulatory implications surfacing with the full integration of AI into Robotics; emphasizes the criticality of devising inclusive, equitable strategies and policies to ensure a fair transition, mitigating potential socioeconomic disparities, and ensuring responsible use of these powerful technologies. The panel will delve into issues of privacy, security, and accountability, and examine the importance of a human-centric approach, where AI and Robotics empower rather than replace humans, and underlines the importance of preparing today for the reality of a future richly imbued with AI and Robotics.

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