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Session 2

Day One

Decoding the SDGs: Modernizing the local data ecosystem to support national sustainable development progress

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Panel Discussion

In this collaborative panel discussion, experts across the United Nations community come together with local partners to shed light on the crucial role of data in monitoring, leveraging, and achieving sustainable development objectives. The panel will navigate through key subjects of data availability, quality, utilization, and the challenges encountered in harnessing data for SDGs. Further, the discussion will aim to explore how innovative technologies and data-driven strategies can catalyze progress towards these goals. This thoughtful examination of SDG data will critically explore and understand the relationship between data and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Challenging the conventional perception of data as merely factual information, the segment will delve into its transformative potential in driving socio-economic changes, global development, and sustainable practices. Our UN experts will dissect various complexities associated with SDG data collection, analysis, application, and transparency, addressing how to overcome these challenges and effectively utilize data for national benefit. This immersive discussion aims to cultivate a nuanced perspective on SDG data, examine progress made in the local context, and encourage insightful conversations on the convergence of data, technology, and sustainability.

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