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Session 5

Day One

CEO Round Table Discussion and Presentation: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the smarter future –CEOs and Business Models in the 5th Industrial Era

4:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Panel Discussion

The dawn of the 5th Industrial Era sees a rise of novel technologies and business practices, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data being significant. AI and Big Data capture, analyze, and interpret complex patterns to guide business decisions. These twin technologies are rapidly transforming the economy and are predicted to be game-changers for local businesses.

Local businesses have been leveraging AI to automate their systems, providing quicker services with reduced error rates. Importantly, the altering of business models to embrace AI and Big Data necessitates agile leadership. CEOs must be forward-thinking to embrace the dynamic digital shift, strategize on innovation, and steer their organizations towards growth and profitability.  

With the confluence of AI and Big Data  ushering in an era of novel business models and marketplaces, the session leverages the expertise of Scotiabank and Massy Trinidad Limited to explore how both can revolutionize business logistics, marketing strategies, and customer experience. The session is closed to CEOs and senior business leaders in Trinidad and Tobago and includes a discussion on investing in promising technologies to harness business growth potential in the 5th Industrial Era.

Specifically, it explores the role of CEOs and strategic leaders in embracing these opportunities, how can data help local businesses, examples of best practices in the strategic use of data, local businesses familiarity with what AI can offer, typical obstacles in the adoption/implementation of AI tools, and successful use cases in adoption of AI tools or solutions.

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