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Kiran M. Mohammed

Social Entrepreneur & Co-Founder,


The transformational role of Big Data Technologies and Analytics: Transforming the World, One Byte at A Time

Kiran Mathur Mohammed is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of healthcare-tech company medl, winner of the IDB Lab Latin America Covid-19 Challenge and the first Caribbean company to be selected for Microsoft for Startups. medl was part of the inaugural TBR Lab companies and has just joined the Newchip Accelerator. Kiran is also a columnist at the Trinidad Newsday, Trinidad’s largest circulation newspaper, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and holds a directorship at Imjin Security, a security company with 500+ employees. Prior to this, Kiran, a development economist and former banker at Citigroup, has worked in the finance and non-profit spheres in the private and public sectors in Latin America & the Caribbean, as well as on UNHCR and UK High Commission projects. Most recently, he served on the Trinidad & Tobago Prime Minister’s Covid-19 Road Map to Recovery Transformation Subcommittee.

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