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Irwin Williams

Chief Software Engineer, Teleios Systems


The transformational role of Big Data Technologies and Analytics – Azure Platform of intelligence and Digital Transformation

Irwin WIlliams is a professional software developer. He’s been building software for just about two decades. He’s the Chief Software Engineer at Teleios Systems, a software company from Trinidad & Tobago. Over the course of his career he’s built cloud, mobile, windows, web and interactive SMS applications (yep, SMS!). He writes much less code now than he did before, but he keeps the latest version of Visual Studio and VS Code installed on his computer, you know, in case of an emergency.

He’s traded in the IDE for the whiteboard and will find a reason to go to one in almost any meeting. Irwin lectures from time to time at local universities, drawing from his experiences across life to weave technology lessons that are sometimes insightful and most times practical.

Irwin is a member of the Global Communications and Technology Team of Congress WBN, a faith-based organization that spans the globe, where he provides insights in software architecture and development support on a diverse set of human-development initiatives. Irwin and his wife are having fun learning how to raise their children in these unprecedented times with joy, love and gratitude.

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