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Herbert Lewy

General Manager,
Microsoft Caribbean


The transformational role of Big Data Technologies and Analytics - Azure Platform of intelligence and Digital Transformation

Herbert Lewy is the General Manager for Microsoft in the Caribbean. On this role, his key responsibilities include setting forth a new corporate plan aimed at continuing Microsoft’s transformation, and developing strategies that empower local Microsoft teams to support customers and partners seize business opportunities in the digital transformation era. Prior to his role, Herbert was the Territory Manager for Puerto Rico, USVI and Dominican Republic.

His tenure at Microsoft also includes the role of Enterprise Segment and Public Sector Lead for Puerto Rico and USVI. In this capacity, he led the creation and execution of business strategies for leading organizations in the private and public sectors, the latter including approximately 140 government agencies (32 public agencies in USVI), the Municipality of San Juan, the Department of Education and the University of Puerto Rico.

Herbert began his professional career at Xerox, Uruguay, in which he held the role of technical specialist for three years. He then joined Diveo Broadband Networks, where he worked as Account Manager and in Channels management in Uruguay and Argentina for more than two years. After that role, Herbert became Manager of International Channels at Isbel telecommunications, a leading Uruguayan company, where his focus was building an international channels network throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, transforming the solution into a then Nortel Networks (today Avaya) product offering.

In 2004 he joined Infocorp Uruguay, a Regional Microsoft Partner focused in infrastructure and software development services. Since Puerto Rico was a high-growth market, in 2006 he was offered the opportunity to continuing his contributions to the company based in San Juan. In 2007 Herbert became General Manager for Infocorp in the Caribbean and Central America, and from 2007 to 2011 he grew the business by 150%, and completed the first expansion projects in the United States.

After closely working with Microsoft for eight years, he joined the company’s Enterprise Segment division leading a high-performance team that achieved double digit growth between 2011 and 2015, in a mature market that also had a decreasing economy during the previous 10 years.

He holds two university degrees: Electronics Engineer from the Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay, and Business Administration from the Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay.

Herbert was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and has lived in Puerto Rico for the past thirteen years with his wife Elianne, and two Puerto Rican children: Dana and Roni.

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