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Darren Mohammed

Senior Manager,
Microsoft Caribbean


Creating a robotics industry in Trinidad and Tobago

Darren Mohammed is a Senior Manager at Microsoft responsible for the Corporate & Government business across 33 countries, mainly within the Caribbean. Darren is also the Country Representative for Microsoft in Trinidad and Tobago.

As more Governments turn to technology to better Engage and Empower Citizens, Optimize Operations and Transform Service to the population, Darren continues to build partnerships throughout the region with organizations who are agents for that transformation.

Darren has a background in Computer Engineering and has been working in the ICT industry for over 25 years. In that time he gained 6 years of entrepreneurial experience, having built a successful technology startup prior to joining Microsoft. He uses that wealth of experience to assist in the development of an ecosystem of Microsoft Partners across this complex geography, with the goal of that ecosystem contributing to the regional GDP.

Darren also serves on the board of directors for JMMB Bank and JMMB Express Finance in Trinidad & Tobago and on the regional JMMB Group IS Committee.

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