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Atri Sharma

Distinguished Engineer Securonix,
Member/Fellow Apache Software Foundation


The transformational role of Big Data Technologies and Analytics: Transforming the World, One Byte at A Time

Atri is an experienced technical leader in the space of distributed databases and has worked on multiple database engines. He has been a major contributor to PostgreSQL, where he implemented major features like JDBC Foreign Data Wrapper, Ordered Set Aggregates, ROLLUP, CUBE, GROUPING and GROUPING SETS. Atri has also implemented major features in Greenplum, such as large objects support, complex numbers datatype, resource management and miscellaneous improvements in query optimiser. He has been a part of CosmosDB, where he worked on scaling CosmosDB to be a true HTAP engine. Atri is an open source exponent and PMC Member and Committer for various open source database engines, such as Apache Apex, Apache HAWQ and Apache MADLib. Atri is currently working on scaling Presto to be a fully functional OLAP engine, collaborating with the Presto community on multiple features and helping on improvements for the cost based optimiser. He is an active speaker across multiple data conferences, having spoken at ApacheCon Big Data, PostgreSQL Conf, Open Source Summit multiple times.

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