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Day 2: Session 5 - Big Data, Artificial Intelligence And A Smarter Future - Earth’s First Robotic Beehive: Saving Bee Colonies Through Technology, Improving Yields Through Automation, And Improving Pollination Through healthier Hives

(2.30PM – 3.05PM)

Keynote Speaker: Saar Safra, CEO, Beewise

BeeHome is a device that houses 24 colonies, allowing beekeepers to remotely treat their hives and care for their bees. The robot within BeeHome takes care of bee colonies in real-time, allows access to vital data and to remotely manage hives as if you were working hands-on. In this presentation we discuss how autonomous swarm prevention, automated harvesting, and real-time problem alerts are contributing to saving bee colonies through technology, improving yields through automation, and improving pollination through healthier hives.

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