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Day 2: Session 3 - The Transformational Role of Big Data Technologies And Analytics: Transforming The World, One Byte At A Time

(12:15PM – 12:50PM)

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Atri Sharma, Distinguished Engineer, Securonix and Member/Fellow Apache Software Foundation

In this world of myriads, change is the only constant. However, that raises an important question -- how do we learn from our past, and not make the same mistakes again?

With the advancement of technology, the amount of data available every second is massive, and therein lies the gold mine of information that can help us understand ourselves better. With modern open source big data technologies, we are taking giant leaps in analyzing the data, storing it efficiently, searching for needles in haystacks and predicting our future.

In this talk, we shall go over some key Apache Software Foundation technologies that help enable critical use cases across the globe. From threat analytics to security enforcement, agricultural improvements to analyzing hurricane patterns, and most recently, helping combat the Covid 19 pandemic, ASF big data technologies have been at the forefront of the transformation.

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