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Day 1: Session 7 - Data for Good at Meta: Social Media And Anonymized Data As A Valuable Tool To Respond To Social Problems

(4:30PM – 5:10PM)

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Kadeem Khan, Research Manager, Meta’s Data for Good

The Data for Good (D4G) program at Meta empowers partners with privacy-preserving data that strengthens communities and advances social issues, such as response to natural disasters, public health emergencies like the Covid-19 pandemic or climate change. Facebook’s unique datasets can improve how non-profits do their work, how researchers learn, and how public policies are developed. We work with over 450 partners in nearly 70 countries. One of DFG’s main priorities is providing organizations, in the Caribbean and worldwide, with geospatial data for their disaster response efforts. Additionally, through its Insights for Impact (I4I) program, DFG provides analysis of public posts, technical support and measurement to partners who are conducting on-platform information and behavior-change campaigns. Through I4I, DFG has amplified partners’ outreach for gender equality, sustainability and public health.

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