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Item List

Day 1: Session 2 - Are your Business Models ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution-The case of Trinidad and Tobago businesses


Day 1: Session 2 - Building Big Data Ecosystems to achieve Business Objectives


Day 1: Session 3 - Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and a smarter future – The future of Pharmacy: the business case of MEDL

(12:40PM – 1:10PM)

Day 1: Session 4 - The transformational role of Big Data Technologies and Analytics- Azure Platform of intelligence and Digital Transformation

(1:30PM – 2:20PM)

Day 1: Session 5 - Using Artificial Intelligence to analyse the performance of soccer players

(2:35PM – 3:10PM)

Day 1: Session 6 - Creating a robotics industry in Trinidad and Tobago

(3:30PM – 4:20PM)

Day 1: Session 7 - Data for Good at Meta: Social Media And Anonymized Data As A Valuable Tool To Respond To Social Problems

(4:30PM – 5:10PM)

Day 2: Session 1 - The Transformational Role Of Big Data Technologies And Analytics – Economic Transformation

(10:00AM – 11:00AM)

Day 2: Session 2 - Big Data, Artificial Intelligence And A Smarter Future – A.I. Industrial Application and Global Cooperation

(11:15AM – 11:55AM)

Day 2: Session 3 - The Transformational Role of Big Data Technologies And Analytics: Transforming The World, One Byte At A Time

(12:15PM – 12:50PM)

Day 2: Session 4 - The Road To A.I. For Social Good

(1.30PM – 2:20PM)

Day 2: Session 5 - Big Data, Artificial Intelligence And A Smarter Future - Earth’s First Robotic Beehive: Saving Bee Colonies Through Technology, Improving Yields Through Automation, And Improving Pollination Through healthier Hives

(2.30PM – 3.05PM)

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